We strive to provide the highest levels of service including customised options with comprehensive solutions for all our clients whether in offices, factories, hospitals, shopping malls, gas stations, parks or leisure centres. Our people and our commitment to delivering 100% satisfaction is what sets us apart. It motivates us to constantly improve with continuous development of innovative products and an ongoing desire to introduce new and better services.

The Ovaras Group has over 45 years of history. We started life as a trading house, rapidly establishing ourselves as a major distributor and retailer of luxury brands such as Omega watches and Levi’s Jeans.

In 1999 Ovaras was offered the exclusive distribution rights to Bianchi vending machines. Being newcomers to this sector we experimented by placing one coffee dispensing machine outside our Levi’s store on Vitosha Street.

Not expecting much we didn’t give it much thought.

Within a couple of hours people came into the store complaining that the vending machine was jammed and not accepting coins.
On checking the machine we discovered that the coin box was full to overloading and needed to be emptied in order to continue functioning.

The rest is history as Ovaras secured the exclusivity for Coca Cola and Nestlé vending products and led the way in setting up and establishing the vending sector in Bulgaria.


Our mission is to be the most client and customer focused company in Bulgaria, the Balkans and beyond. Our continued success has been built on the foundation of our 5 core values.

Our commitment to provide unparalleled levels of service to all our customers and consumers.
Our desire to seek out new ideas with innovative solutions.
Our commitment to provide only the highest quality and most diverse range of products in partnership with world leading brands.
Always provide the best value, to our customer’s organisations and to our consumers.
We work to put a smile on people’s faces and believe that the best way to support our community is to look after both our customers and our employees and to strive to remain true to all of the above.