To deliver our vision of the Greenbar concept, we focused our expertise on the development of an efficient, simple and flexible platform that looks and feels different from anything else out there.

With our innovative solution we are able to offer a groundbreaking range of products. Nothing brings people and co-workers together better than sharing a fresh coffee and a snack in a pleasant environment.

We have combined all the benefits of a fully serviced and integrated dispensing station, with the convenience and pleasure of preparing your own beverages and snacks, exactly the way you like them.


The Greenbar concept provides a superior range of gourmet coffees and specialty teas, and can also be adapted to serve fresh fruits, a variety of confectionary products, plus a selection of healthy and innovative snacks developed exclusively for us.

Our solution provides everything required in order for you to prepare everything for yourself in exactly the way you like it. The counter provides a comfortable workspace and there is ample storage for all consumables. There is even a built in bin to make it easy to keep the station tidy at all times. It’s just like having a small piece of home in your workplace.

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